This is the most practical tactical course you will ever take. Learn to truly protect your circle. This skill set revolves around the skills of evasion and tactical observation or reconnaissance. This curriculum is inspired by the traditions and warfare of the American southwest (Apache, Navajo and Ancient Pueblo). Learn how to turn being the hunted into an advantage. This course is unique in the way that it jumps back and forth from life or death seriousness to learning skills that are just plain fun.

The curriculum will include:

  • High Speed Survival
  • Evasion and tactical mechanical avoidance
  • Scout Psychology
  • General evasive strategy
  • How to anticipate contact points
  • Individual Movement Techniques
  • Team Movement Techniques
  • Utilizing Terrain Features, chokes and funnels
  • Camouflage
  • Counter and Anti-Tracking
  • Avoiding contact from an ethno-historical perspective
  • Tactical Observation
  • Breaking Contact