The tomahawk is a weapon that has been used in every major American conflict, from frontier wars at our country’s inception to the latest actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more. It has served our forefathers and our military both as an every day tool and as a protective device. In its most modern configuration, the tomahawk is a well balanced weapon that also serves as a breaching tool in urban warfare scenarios and is used by many Special Forces personnel.

HERE  is an excellent article of the tomahawk.

There is very little training available for the tactical tomahawk in modern times, but the unique characteristics of this weapon make it exceptionally useful and devastating. It is more than a hacking tool, it is a multifaceted instrument suitable for percussion as well as grappling application. Martial Tactical Training of Michigan is honored to provide our training curriculum exploring the tactical tomahawk.

TOPICS covered include:

  • Proper stance with the tomahawk.
  • Brief history from the initial stages of our country to its modern use.
  • Frontier era usage, carry, and deployment.
  • Modern usage, carry, and deployment.
  • Percussion applications using carious aspects of the tomahawk.
  • Lethal vs less lethal usage considerations.
  • Timing, spacing, and distancing drills.Usage concerns based on the tomahawk unique characteristics.
  • Retention applications.


  • The session is 2 hours long with an intermission at the 1 hour point.
  • The class is moderately physically demanding but you will not be asked to push harder than you can manage.


  • Anyone age 14+ interested in learning modern usage of the tactical tomahawk.


  • Class times and locations will be announced soon.
  • For up to the minute training options, please visit our Facebook page.


  • Attire conducive to a moderately physically demanding workout.
  • A water bottle or light snacks necessary for 2 hours of training.
  • Training tomahawks are provided by MTTM.
  • Live blades or weapons are not permitted in the training area.


  • $40 for the session.
  • $55 for the session and trainee keeps their training tomahawk.


  • Class size is limited to 18 trainees.
  • Preregistration is required.
  • Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • Please call MTTM Program Coordinator Donald Alley if you have any questions. (734) 646-3584.