MTTM’s Personal Protection Level 2 builds on the skills instructed in the Level 1 course. The percussion segment of the training goes from equal initiative with the attacker to putting the trainee in a state of disadvantaged initiative. This includes moving, turning, and drawing the weapon as precursors to neutralizing an assailant.

The segment of class that includes escapes from common attacks adds in controls and pins to the attacker to cover scenarios which escape or retreat is not an option for the protector. Furthermore, the trainees will practice applications from a disadvantaged state, such as on the ground or against a wall.



  • Prerequisite: MTTM Personal Protection Level 1
  • This class is 2 hours long.
  • This class instructs elements from percussion (striking), grappling, and weaponry. Trainees will be instilled with the understanding of these engagement styles and their interchangeability.
  • This class is moderately physically demanding, but you will not be asked to do more than you are able.
  • Trainees should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Jewelry must be removed before training begins.
  • Trainees should bring water or other nourishment necessary for 2 hours of moderate activity.
  • Weapons such as live blades and firearms are not permitted in the training area. Training weapons such as training-blade knives and blue guns are acceptable.