MTTM’s personal protection series of training to instill trainees with the will to survive, the determination to act, immediate effectiveness, and immediate proficiency. Using training techniques centered on modern protective tools, the trainee will learn applications that can be applied across many weapon form factors as well as empty hand.

The will to survive and determination to act are the mental hurdles in place that may cause hesitation when protection is needed. Both of these are overcome with one simple concept: familiarity. By training in a reality driven environment with appropriate targets and optimized curriculum, the trainees are instilled with the familiarity of an altercation. Anxiety is induced to inoculate against stress in a safe and controlled manner. Because the trainee becomes familiar with some of the parameters of an actual altercation, he becomes more likely to act when the need arises.

Immediate effectiveness and immediate proficiency is achieved because the core fundamentals trained are simple. We use common, everyday movements that the trainee has done millions of times in life and ‘repurpose’ it to martial effectiveness. There is no sense in taking months to overwrite already familiar movement with alien postures and patterns when there is complete effectiveness in already known movement.

During this training, we instruct weapons such as the tactical pen, tactical flashlight, folded knife, and other small objects common in modern world and part of everyday carry. Learning just one of these weapons allows transference of technique into all the others, as well as empty hand equivalent application. MTTM trainees learn to go from weapon to weapon to empty-hand instantaneously.


  • This class is 2 hours long.
  • This class instructs elements from percussion (striking), grappling, and weaponry. Trainees will be instilled with the understanding of these engagement styles and their interchangeability.
  • This class is moderately physically demanding, but you will not be asked to do more than you are able.
  • Trainees should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Jewelry must be removed before training begins.
  • Trainees should bring water or other nourishment necessary for 2 hours of moderate activity.
  • Weapons such as live blades and firearms are not permitted in the training area. Training weapons such as training-blade knives and blue guns are acceptable.