Various Branches of the United States Military, in particular the USMC and the Army have collected compelling evidence that “Warrior Mind Fitness Training”, (WMFT), as it is often called there, and/or Mindfulness Meditation and Visualization can calm the racing mind or the modern warrior and make him or her more open to learning and solidifying life saving strategies, more capable of making appropriate decisions under stress and then acting appropriately in response to those stressors.

WMFT has been tested on active duty soldiers and Marines prior to deployment or redeployment to Iraq, and has generated empirical and reproducible data suggesting that the modern warrior may have his or her mind re-encoded to produce a warrior exercising decision making and actions with more clarity and with fewer negative psychological side effects after altercations, as well as improving the scars of war that already exist. The latest research in genetics and sports medicine has indicated that even the smallest exercise of muscle changes how our DNA function on a chemical level. This can thus pertain to heart muscle fiber, the smallest muscles in our sensory organs and not to mention our large muscle groups.

For the modern individual trying to protect himself and his family, this training can have profound effects with simple but consistent training. We have developed a simple system of mindfulness exercises that incorporate tested methods of mindfulness deep breathing, guided imagery, aural tone/brain wave tracking, and short periods (2-5) minutes of monitored mindfulness meditation, with brief instructions being given at each interval.

This system is used in conjunction with periods of controlled, scripted, yet escalating emotional and physical chaos, including force on force training, sparring, firearms training, among other exercises. We believe that anyone can learn to act robustly and appropriately under adrenal stress situations based upon activities that many already do or can very easily learn and practice, then the modern citizen can effectively respond to any stress, whether physical, psychological or emotional.



  • This class is 2 1/2-3 hours long. There will be a break.
  • This class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on training.
  • Trainees must have a personal media device with headphones/earbuds. This includes iPods, smartphones, or any portable equipment capable of playing music into headphones.
  • Before the seminar please download any version if each if these three recordings: Alpha binaural tones, Theta binaural tones and Gamma binaural tones. They can be found on iTunes, or searched on Google, or the like. See below for instructor suggestions.
  • Trainees should bring materials for note taking, water or sports drinks, and light snacks, if desired. Do not eat a heavy meal less than 1 hour before. A light meal before is encouraged.
  • Trainees are encouraged to bring blue guns or other nonfiring replica training guns and any holster they would ordinarily wear, if they carry. They are not required.
  • Live firearms and ammunition of any sort, loaded or unloaded, will not be allowed into the seminar space. They should be locked in an appropriate case in the trainee’s vehicle or they must be checked and held at the door.
  • The class is moderately physically demanding, but you will not be asked to do more than you are able.
  • The class may be emotionally demanding and intense, but you will not be asked to do anything more than you are able.
  • Trainees should wear loose, comfortable clothing. There will be periods of lecture, quiet sitting and periods of movement.
  • Trainees must advise staff of any circulatory, blood pressure, cardiac, stoke, respiratory, blood sugar, or seizure disorders, (or any other), either current or past.