MTTM’s Adaptive and Improvised Weaponry Training focuses on instilling the trainees with the knowledge to recognize the weapon characteristics of non-weapon objects so that they may be employed as a protection-intent expedient if needed.

Inanimate objects are not weapons. The mind and intent of the individual employing the object transform it into a weapon. With the correct warrior mindset and critical thinking skills to recognize and effect the weapon characteristics of an object, and item can serve its welder’s purpose.
This course instructs multiple weapon form factors. Blunt or sharp, rigid or flexible, long or short, hidden or obvious, knowing the object characteristics helps ensure the trainee will understand and employ weapons to their fullest potential when needed most.



  • This class is 2 hours long.
  • This class instructs elements from percussion (striking), grappling, and weaponry. Trainees will be instilled with the understanding of these engagement styles and their interchangeability.
  • This class is moderately physically demanding, but you will not be asked to do more than you are able.
  • Trainees should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Jewelry must be removed before training begins.
  • Trainees should bring water or other nourishment necessary for 2 hours of moderate activity.
  • Weapons such as live blades and firearms are not permitted in the training area. Training weapons such as training-blade knives and blue guns are acceptable.
  • Trainees are encouraged to bring objects from their daily environment that could serve as an improvised weapon.