Building on our Emergency Preparedness in the home curriculum, the survival priorities are explored when sheltering in the home is no longer an option. The family must take the necessary items with them to survive away from the home. Using the risk analysis approach from EPitH, considerations are given for travel modes, equipment, and other emergency mitigations to be handled away from the home. Common and uncommon alternate shelters are explored (one is more likely to stay at a friend or relative’s house than retreat to the woods), food and water considerations for portable intent, and gear considerations to survive and rebuild a short term emergency.

  • This class is 2 hours long.
  • This class instructs risk analysis and risk management approaches to emergency preparedness.
  • Class format is classroom/lecture. It is not physically demanding.
  • Trainees should bring note taking supplies.
  • There will be a short break at the 1/2 mark.
  • There will be time after the class for questions.
  • Weapons such as live blades and firearms are permitted in the training area, commensurate with venue rules. All weapons shall remain stowed or holstered, as this is not a weapon instruction class.