Personal Protection Training

Modern tools, modern mindset: MTTM curriculum is optimized to provide the trainee with what they need to know to survive an altercation. It uses modern every day carry tools and modern instruction methodologies to program trainees with the mindset for survival prioritization.

Natural Movement, Familiar Actions: MTTM understands people are busy. The demands on our time have never been greater. As such, we do not reinvent the way people move. We use natural movements, familiar actions, and ingrained actions to program the trainee to act, not react, to ensure their survival.

Immediately effective, Proficiency now: the MTTM curriculum maximizes the amount of proficiency a trainee can obtain in the shortest amount of time. Because survival is a priority, we strip the art and leave only the science.

Martial Tactical Training of Michigan’s mission is to provide the trainee with broad spectrum personal protection options. from awareness and avoidance tactics, verbal deescalation, physical force techniques, advanced force concepts, to lethal force training, making MTTM the premiere source for protection training.

Emergency Preparedness Training

Using actual risk analysis methodologies in reality based scenarios, trainees are not only educated on an emergency preparedness mindset, but more importantly on the critical thinking processes necessary to instill mental adaptability and resource versatility. From this approach, real actions, real contingencies, and real inventories are developed to help the family in real situations. Not just hypothetical situations, the critical thinking to evaluating risk is instilled so each trainee can evaluate their own situation and their emergency preparations are customized to their needs.

The same training methodology is used in our basic Home-based Emergency Preparedness training offering as well as our upcoming Mobility-intent Emergency Preparedness curriculum. The Home-based training allows for threat mitigation for a majority of emergency situations, while the Mobility-intent training covers the remaining scenarios. Whether stuck home or forced to leave it, your kit developed through the skills instilled in MTTM training will help mitigate the threat, without the stuff of prepper fantasy weighing you down.